2012 Macbook Pro Failing to Boot

If your Mid 2012 Macbook Pro is showing signs of a failing hard drive, it could be caused by one of three things (normally). Continue reading for possible problems and how to diagnose them.

Failed SATA Cable

Does the Macbook boot from an external hard drive without problems?

Does the hard drive in your Macbook pass a SMART stats check?

If you answered yes to both of the above questions, it’s highly likely the cause of your problem is simply a SATA cable. 

Failed Hard Drive

This is slightly harder to diagnose and extreme care must be taken as if your hard drive is failing and you need to recover data from it, you likely don’t have very long to do so.

If you suspect your hard drive is failing, bring it in (or send it) to us to assess, this is does completely free, with no obligation.

Failed Motherboard

If your Macbook will not boot from a different hard drive, then it could be your motherboard causing the problems. While this is normally not economic to repair, we are happy to assess and provide some options to get you back up and running.

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